Collection systems for apartement buildings in Luxembourg

The legal basis

On the basis of the European Directive 2008/98/EG the Luxembourg law on waste management of 21 March 2012 provides that apartment buildings have to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to allow for a separate collection of the various waste fractions (Art. 13, paragraph 3).



The objective - reduction and prevention of residual waste

The main aspect is to largely reduce the quantity of residual waste by the separate collection and recycling of different products. In addition to the classic valuable products like paper, glass, metals and packaging (Valorlux), "bio-waste" should also be collected separately in apartment buildings. Furthermore there are: electr(on)ical appliances ( ) and various hazardous substances as medication, lighting appliances (), batteries       ( ), aerosols (spray cans) or packaging with paint residues. The building management (Syndic) organizes the transport of these products.

Optimisation of the collection of valuable products leads to economic advantages by less expensive logistic and disposal costs

Program and consultation

The "apartment buildings" project is based on the separate collection of waste on site. For this local adaption, the SuperDrecksKëscht® provides the following solutions :

➤ Advisory services for the building management or co-owner community

➤ Inventory and analysis of the existing situation

➤ Compilation of a collection and processing concept taking into account the local situation

➤ Briefing of inhabitants, training of building management staff (if applicable)

Practical implementation

The implementation of the collection and processing of products is the task of the inhabitants, the building management, the co-owner community or an external service provider and includes:

➤ Purchase of containers and shelves

➤ Mounting and maintenance of the collection site

➤ Continous support

➤ Recycling of used products

➤ Annual balance sheet

Collection sites

The collection of the various waste types can be of different levels. Accordingly, three different types of collection sites are foreseen, which due to the frequently limited space available in apartement buildings, are particularly flexible and space saving. The national law on waste management provides for a waste separation that corresponds to the „basic separation“ (type 3) of the concept of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber . Furthermore the concept provides for an „extended“ separation (type 2) , as well as „label separation“ (type 1) . The inhabitants can deposit up to 27 different types of waste separately without having to go to a recycling center or a collection site of the SuperDrecksKëscht® .


Distinction with the label SuperDrecksKëscht®

The project "apartment buildings" also provides for the awarding of the SuperDrecksKëscht®-label. This requires the implementation and operation of a collection site of type 1 („label separation“).


The label SuperDrecksKëscht® is a quality label for environmentally friendly waste management. It's ISO 14024 certified and promotes businesses and institutions from the private and public sector which, by implementing the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber  concept, have made an active contribution to environmental protection by implementing a modern waste-management system.

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