Stationary collection

Almost all recycling sites have stationary collection sites of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Bierger where valuable and dangerous substances can be disposed of.

After two new stationary collection sites opened in 2004 in the recycling sites in the north, citizens now have 17 stationary collection sites at the recycling sites at their disposal where they can bring their dangerous substances. Furthermore, some communes offer a collection of valuable and dangerous substances once a month.

Regarding the temporary storage of the dangerous substances collected by SuperDrecksKëscht® a special room is foreseen which is equipped as appropriate in order to guarantee the safe storage of substances that are harmful to water as used oil for instance.

Qualification of staff is of particular importance for the handling of dangerous substances. Training is regularly provided by the SuperDrecksKëscht® in order to guarantee an appropriate collection. For instance for chemicals and pesticides, perfect knowledge of the substance characteristics is required to avoid any chemical reactions.

To certify the adequacy of their management, recycling sites have received the SuperDrecksKëscht® collection site quality label of which the criteria are determined in quite the same way as for the label for companies.

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