Clever akafen – Hygiene paper products

Hygiene paper products include toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, kitchen roll, serviettes, cleaning cloths, cosmetic wipes and backing paper. Wet wipes are not included in the campaign. 

These are often used only once, end up in the toilet or the rubbish bin after use and so are lost to the paper life cycle.

The ecological benefits of Clever akafenhygiene paper products:

Clever akafen hygiene paper products are made entirely from recycled paper and so help to conserve natural resources. Hygiene paper products made from new fibres (i.e. cellulose from trees), on the other hand, often result from the deforestation of primeval woodland or come from massive forestry plantations (monocultures with high pesticide use). This leads to the destruction of forest ecosystems, the loss of fauna and flora, the leaching of nutrients from the soil and accelerated erosion.

There are also other advantages to recycling used paper instead of making paper from new fibres:

  • Up to 70% less water and up to 60% less energy can be used.
  • This reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The contamination of waste water is also greatly reduced.

When recycled paper is being produced, any existing germs and bacteria are killed by heat. In a de-inking process, all particles of ink are detached from the used paper.

A few tips for avoiding waste paper:

  • Use fabric napkins, tablecloths and handkerchiefs that can be washed after use. Always use environmentally-friendly detergents from the Clever akafen campaign. 
  • Avoid printed and brightly coloured hygiene paper products that can only be used once. This helps to save resources.
  • Use dispensers for toilet paper and paper towels in public toilets or the workplace. This can reduce the use of hygiene paper products. The use of paper towels can be avoided altogether by using hand dryers or washable fabric towels – but these require electricity and regular maintenance.


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