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Products recommended by the SuperDrecksKëscht®

With the campaign „Clever akafen“ the SuperDrecksKëscht® would like to increase the visibility of ecologic products in the shops and help consumers make environmentally correct choices. For this purpose, supermarkets and retailers will mark these productions with the label  „Clever akafen “.

Partners of this prevention campaign which only recently got acknowledged as „best practice“ by the EU are the Chambre des Métiers, Chambre de Commerce, confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce clc und die Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs (ULC).

The products will be selected on the basis of the following general criteria:

  • Environment correct packaging which can be recycled (labeled plastic material or metals)
  • Content with no or low level of dangerous substances
  • Long lasting product with a low energy consumption at use (energy consumption as per the indications on the packaging)
  • Easy recycling of the product after use, at least to be used for energy production

Current products include :

  • Rechargeable batteries and accessories
  • Low-energy and durable lighting equipment
  • Ecologic lacquer and paint
  • Ecologic detergents
  • Ecologic school and office material
  • Rinse-off products

 Join us - avoiding waste is a clever alternative and helps you saving money !



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