Data protection disclaimer

The protection of personal data of our customers and partners is an important element in our daily work. We would therefore like to inform you about our data protection rules that are based on the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018 and other provisions regarding data protection.

Data protection is also an important factor in our company. Our staff members were requested to explicitly commit to secrecy and confidentiality as well as to compliance with the data protection provisions.

Personal data

Personal data are, according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018, details about the personal and factual situation of a specific or identifiable individual. Such details include elements like the name, address, e-mail address and phone number of this person.

Company / business data

This information is collected by the SuperDrecksKëscht® within the frame of our governmental agreements and mostly refers to data about the waste management of companies, institutions, administrations etc. It includes among others waste quantities, data about collection infrastructure, data about waste processing, etc.

To fulfil our missions and provide services, the SuperDrecksKëscht®  needs to collect and store personal but also company / business data. The SuperDrecksKëscht®  commits to use the data of all its customers and business partners to the extent necessary to fulfil our missions and provide services. This also applies to sending out documentation (newsletter), compiling offers and answering individual questions.

Communication to third parties

In principle, data are not transferred to third parties unless this is necessary to fulfil our missions and provide our services. Administrations or other governmental institutions only receive information within the frame of our legal obligations or based on judicial orders. Upon request of the competent authorities, we are authorized in individual cases to communicate such data, to the extent necessary, for the sake of preventing dangers.

Cookies management

This site may use cookies, these are small text files used to analyse information related to the user’s navigation (frequency of visits, duration of visits, visited pages, language preferences, etc …). They are stored by this site in a directory on the computer of the user. They contain the name of the server that wrote it, an identifier as a single number and an expiration date. The unique identifier allows this website to recognise the user’s computer at each visit. The user can decide if the web server of this site is allowed or not to store cookies on his computer. He can change the browser options at all times in order not to accept and store cookies. Moreover, the user can remove all the stored cookies. The use of certain features of this site may be limited or disabled if the user does not accept cookies from the website. It is therefore recommended that the user sets his browser so that cookies of this site are accepted.

Safety measures

To protect your personal data from unauthorized access and abuse, we have taken extensive technical and organisational safety measures. Our safety procedures for the protection from damage, destruction or unauthorized access are regularly reviewed and adapted to the most recent technology.

Information and withdrawal

You may at any time and without providing any reason receive information about your personal data stored with our company. You may at any time block, change or request the deletion of such data and oppose to the collection and storage of such data. You may also withdraw at any time your approval for the collection and use of such data without providing any reason for this.

Please contact the following address: We are at your disposal at any time to answer further questions regarding the protection and the processing of your personal data.


At the term of our collaboration, your data will be deleted unless the use of such data beyond the term of our relationship was explicitly agreed to.

Questions and availability

For any further questions or suggestions regarding data protection, please use the contact details provided in the company details.

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