Sustainable Consumption

Studies show: Consumers are increasingly asking for “green” products and are showing a great willingness to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. Especially if they bring personal added value. Often, however, there is a lack of implementation. Therefore, SDK wants to motivate even more people to consume sustainably. To this end, SDK has initiated campaigns such as Clever akafen/Shop Green and other innovative projects with partners.

Sustainable consumption should become a general trend

Everyone should be able to participate in sustainable consumption – regardless of their budget. Private household consumption is responsible for around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. The SDK is therefore systematically committed to sustainable consumption and supports the consumer through campaigns, labeling and training.

Clever akafen/Shop Green and the label ‘fir en nohaltegen Ëmgang mat Ressourcen’ are just two instruments.

The following links to the projects provide many useful tips and suggestions.