Not everything has to be bought new. Rental and repair can be good alternatives too. It’s a way to save money without sacrificing useful things. If you rent products only when you need them, you will have more space for other things and always have the right thing in the right place. You will help the environment by saving on unnecessary amounts of waste and help yourself by saving on the disposal costs. You will also be saving resources.

We help you to find on the address of establishments offering a repair and rent service in the main product group (for example, “machines and household appliances”). On the one hand you can find the details of your respective repair problem on the detail page of the company at or you can find out more by contacting the company listed in the search result. Our search engine thus provides you with an orientation so that you can clarify additional repair options in Luxembourg. In addition, by contacting the companies, you provide the important information that the repair service is expressly requested by customers.

How can I identify companies that participate in „Repair&Share“ ?

Participating companies can be identified by the ‚Repair&Share‘ sticker.