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Mineral waste

Fichier Mineral waste

General informations

Mineral construction material is inert, i.e. it has no impact on the environment and can be deposited on disposal sites. A better solution however is to use this waste for the production of new construction material, for instance in the road construction, etc. Mineral fibers do not belong into the construction waste but are collected separately and recycled. Gypsum waste should be collected separately.

Prevention / reduction

The condition for recycling and deposition on disposal site is that the material is not contaminated with dangerous substances as for instance paint, oils or coatings and does not contain third substances as plastic or wood.

Recycling / environment correct disposal

Mineral construction material is recycled by shredding and sieving the material. This process allows removing third substances as paper, metal (as nails). It can then be used again for instance in the road construction.

Contern SA takes back old concrete parts for reuse in the production of new products. This is also certified with SDK’s resources potential.