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Used oils, greases and emulsions

Important hazard warnings

The flame for inflammable or fire spreading solids, liquids and gases

The body figure for substances very dangerous for health (e.g. cancerous)

The dead tree and fish for substances dangerous for water

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Fichier Used oils, greases and emulsions

General informations

Industrial oils and greases, fuels and emulsions contaminate water and soil and are inflammable.

When used oil drops to the ground water, the water will become undrinkable. Due to the combustibility a safe storage is important.

Mineral oils contaminated by solvents or other organic fluids may not be treated. The highly toxic PCB (poly-chlorated biphenyl) was used in the seventies as additive in electric oil radiators, condensers and transformers and may still exist in older devices.

Prevention / reduction

Waste prevention through clean work and adequate application techniques.

Use recycling oils with long lifetimes and machines and appliances with low oil consumption.

Recycling / environment correct disposal

Uncontaminated mineral oils are recycled. Emulsions are separated and the oil used as energy carrier. Contaminated oil and oils containing PCB undergo high temperature treatment. Contaminated fuels undergo thermal treatment.

Separator contents undergo chemical / physical treatment in special installations to allow for thermal recycling of the oil.

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