Licensed property management companies

Licenced property management companies :


The “Lizenzéiert bei SDK Residenzen” licence is granted to property management companies that are involved in SDK Residenzen and manage residential buildings according to the SDK Konzept. In addition, the licence requires that the staff of the property management companies have been trained and thus have the necessary expertise.

The “Lizenzéiert bei SDK Residenzen” licence therefore stands for property managers who are committed to the safe and sustainable handling of waste in the residential buildings they manage.

Alpha Gest

1, rue Sangenberg
L-5850 Howald

Tel.: +352 48 51 11-1

Lizenz Alpha Gest

CGLux Sàrl

8, rue 1900
L-2157 Luxembourg

Lizenz CGLux

Colliers Property Management Luxembourg sarl

12, rue Jean Engling
L-1466 Luxembourg

Lizenz Flesch Immo

Immobilière de l’Attert

54, Grand-Rue
L-8510 Redange/Attert

Tel.: +352 23 62 90 20

Lizenz SNHBM

Kinsch – Bureau Immobilier

3, rue de l’Eau
L-4101 Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel.: +352 54 13 48

Lizenz Kinsch


2, rue Kalchesbruck
L-1852 Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 44 82 92 – 1

Lizenz SNHBM

Flesch Immobilière

4, impasse Routfeld
L-6235 Beidweiler

Tel.: +352 78 81 17

Lizenz Flesch Immo

Trimmolux s.à.r.l.

37, rue de Bettembourg
L-3320 Berchem

Tel.: +352 36 98 55

Lizenz Trimmolux s.à.r.l.

22, rue Margaret Thatcher
L-8258 Mamer”

Tel.: +352 621 541 747

Lizenz Flesch Immo