Training courses

The selective waste collection system according to the SDK Residenzen concept can be used in residential buildings of any size and allows for safe, clean and compliant waste management. In addition, by using this system, residents and property managers actively contribute to the preservation of natural resources.
In order to provide the professional actors with the necessary knowledge and skills and to support them in their task, the SDK offers three training courses adapted to each target audience :

  1. SDK Residenzen – Resource management
    This training provides a general overview of the “SDK Residenzen” system. It is intended for those involved in property management.
  2. SDK Residenzen – Hands-on management
    This is a training course dealing with the practical handling of waste in general and problematic and hazardous products in particular. The training is intended for technical service and service provider staff.
  3. SDK Residenzen – Expert for SDK products
    This training is intended for team leaders and/or managers of technical services and service providers. The aim is to impart in-depth knowledge about the correct handling of problematic and dangerous products.

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