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What is it about?

The use of ecologic paint, lacquer and varnishes is not only good for the environment but also recommended for health reasons. In particular if used indoors, paints should be carefully selected.

Product groups

Low-emission wall paints for indoor and outdoor use

Coatings for wood and metal


Planning before coating: Only buy the quantities that you actually need. Appropriate wood and construction may help you to reduce significantly the use of wood protection coatings. Inform yourself about the most suitable product for your application.

After the work: Paint remains will last longer if kept in well-closed containers turned upside down.


Criteria include various components (pigments, conservation agents, …) and their impact on the environment and human health. They include the formaldehyde and solvent level, the water toxicity level and quantity necessary (for Do-it-yourself products). Products also have to be available in various packaging sizes.

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