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What is it about ?

Rinse-off products are personal care products that are used for cleaning the skin and hair but washed off or rinsed off with water and therefore are not left on the skin or hair.

Product groups

Bath and shower additives (salts, foam, oil, gel,..)

Solid soaps, liquid soaps; Shampoos; Hair-conditioner to be washed out again

Shaving products (shaving foam, shaving cream, shaving gel and shaving soap)


From an ecological perspective, personal care products may cause a high proportion of potentially problematical pollution in waste water and find their way indirectly into drinking water. In the case of products such as personal care products that are used every day, it‘s therefore important for the ingredients to break down quickly so that they cannot build up in the environment.


No toxic, carcinogenic, chronically harmful or mutagenic ingredients or ones harmful to fertility; a low proportion of fragrances; rapid breakdown of the tensides; colorants that meet the requirements of the foodstuffs industry; only preservatives that are licensed for cosmetic product.

Ecologically beneficial packaging (recyclable,…)

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