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What is it about?

The use of environmentally friendly school and office supplies is not just about immediate protection of the environment and health. Another important aspect is the use of secondary raw materials from recycling sources and the use of sustainably produced raw materials (sustainably produced wood for paper and products made of wood).

Product groups

Material for writing and printing, such as booklets, blocks, envelopes

Material for archiving, like files, covers

Material for writing and drawing, such as wooden pens, pens

Other products, like adhesives, rulers etc.


An interactive product selection allows the compilation of shopping lists for parents and students on


Products from recycled materials (for example, paper, booklets, rulers, refillable writing utensils, etc.) and products whose raw materials come from sustainable cultivation are generally advertised. Criteria can also be the refillability and – in the case of electronic devices – the power supply with photovoltaic cells.

Excluded are products made from biodegradable plastics and products with harmful ingredients in questionable amounts.

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