Ecological and Economical Waste Management at construction sites

with the SDK fir Betriber concept

Waste from construction and demolition make up 25-30% of the total volume of waste in the European Union, and is the largest single flow of waste. The same applies in Luxembourg, where efforts are being made to better harness the potential of increased resource efficiency in materials generated by construction and demolition.

It is in this light that the modified Luxembourg Waste Management Act of 21 March 2012 dictates that the prevention, reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste should be promoted in accordance with the waste hierarchy.

The different categories of waste materials should be sorted and collected as separately as possible at the construction site in order to meet the requirements of high-quality recycling options.

Construction sites under the SuperDrecksKëscht® principe

The SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber construction site concept aims to improve waste prevention and management on construction sites and therefore contributes towards running the site in compliance with legal provisions.

The SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber concept provides you with useful information to reduce the quantities and harmfulness of waste. Not only does carefully considered waste management bring down costs, it also has a positive impact on workplace safety at the construction site.


Joining the construction site to the SDK fir Betriber has the following advantages.



The selective building dismantling thus enables high-quality recycling.

Photo d'une maison démolie


By selecting certified SDK fir Betriber construction companies, up to 5 points can be awarded as part of the LENOZ certification.

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The SDK Leco-Box was developed to meet the requirements for separate collection of waste materials on small construction sites.

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