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PU foam cans

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Fichier PU foam cans

General informations

The PU assembly foam cans are treated at the PDR company in D-Thurnau with maximum recovery of secondary raw materials. The cans are first crushed in the absence of air and the propellant gases are collected. These are recycled. The shredder fraction falls into a solvent bath from which the metal parts are washed out. PU recyclate can be recovered from the remaining PU solvent mixture, which is used in the production of PU foam or as an additive in industrial adhesives.

Recycling / environment correct disposal

Return and recycling of used PU foam cans
In Luxembourg, approx. 180,000 PU foam cans are consumed per year in the most varied sectors of the building trade. The versatile assembly foams are just as popular with craftsmen as they are with do-it-yourselfers.

But where to put the PU foam cans after use?
As problem products, they do not belong in the residual waste or Valorlux collection, but to the SDK.