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Fichier Textiles


Textile fiber can be classified in three groups: natural fibers made out of vegetal or animal raw material (as cotton), half synthetic fibers on the basis of vegetal raw material and synthetic chemical fibers on petrol basis. Half of the textile fibers produced worldwide contain chemical fibers and mixtures are most frequently used.


Recycling/environment correct disposal:

  • Wear high quality clothes, best in a modern timeless design to use them over many years.
  • Do not buy seasonal clothes.
  • Synthetic carpets are also a favorite location for dusts and mites. Floor covering out of natural raw material as wood or flax (linoleum) are alternatives.

Used clothes are collected and can be resold in second hand shops or send to third world countries but most of the time they are processed to become cleaning pads. Carpets can be partially recycled or used as fuel substitute.

A good example of clothes reprocessing and upcycling on a regional level is BENU Couture.