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Waste from residential areas

Fichier Waste from residential areas

General informations

There are currently three installations in Luxembourg for the disposal of waste from residential areas. Two disposal sites (SIGRE, Buchholtz-Muertendall close to Flaxweiler and SIGRE, Fridhaff-Erpeldange close to Diekirch) as well as an incineration site (SIDOR close to Leudelange).

Prevention / reduction

Collect used valuable material and waste to be composted separately and not in the ton for remaining waste. This helps to reduce the quantity of such waste and can help you save money. Dangerous substances to not belong to the remaining waste as this can create problems on the disposal site and in the incinerator.

Recycling / ecological disposal

Waste from residential areas is burnt in a domestic waste incinerator or disposited on controlled disposal sites.