The RAL quality mark

Guaranteed quality through the RAL quality mark

The SDK maintains its membership by :

  • providing state-of-the-art refridgerator/freezer recycling services
  • complying with and surpassing environmental standards set for Europe
  • recovering all CFC’s from these appliances and then recycling them in an environmentally safe way
  • recycling 98% of the raw materials such as steel and plastics and secondary materials
  • annual examinations by independent and accredited expert auditors
  • ensuring that the recycling is carried out in an environmentally sound manner
vérification de la qualité dans le laboratoire SDK

In order to ensure that no CFC is left in the shredded polyurethane foam powder, the CFC concentration is measured on a continuous basis by a special measuring technique.

Since 1999, the SDK has been a member of the RAL Quality Assurance Association for the Demanufacture of Refrigeration Equipment Containing CFCs. The Association was created to guarantee quality in the fridge recycling process and to ensure compliance with the existing environmental standards. With more than 20 members throughout Europe, the RAL Quality Assurance Association makes sure that old fridges and freezers are recycled in an environmentally acceptable way.

Further information is available directly from the Association.

Phone: 00352 488 361 – 41.

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