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Cooling liquid

Cooling liquid

Cooling liquid is a medium for dissipating heat. It plays an important role in vehicle engines because it dissipates the heat of combustion and thus prevents overheating.

The usual cooling liquid for vehicle engines consists of a mixture of monoethylene glycol, water and some additives. The glycol content lowers the freezing point – the higher the content, the lower the freezing point. This prevents the engine from freezing at temperatures below zero. The additives mentioned above include rust inhibitors and anti-foaming agents.

Cooling fluid does not last indefinitely. After some time, and especially at high operating temperatures, it loses its essential properties and must therefore be changed regularly.

Glycol/water-based liquids are also used in industry for heating and cooling circuits or simply as antifreeze. De-icers, such as those used for aircraft, are also based on this.

Used cooling liquid contains, among other things, heavy metal particles, traces of engine oils and other residues. Therefore, under no circumstances should it simply end up in our environment. For the professional who comes into contact with this agent every day, this is nothing new. ENTEK has been taking care of the environmentally friendly disposal of these fluids for you for many years. The glycol from used cooling liquids is in fact a basic material that can be recovered. By means of distillation and the addition of new additives, it is turned back into concentrate for new products.

The usable material is stored in tanks and separated from other substances by means of distillation. The resulting residues are recycled and disposed of in accordance with legal regulations. The glycol is filtered and the last impurities are removed, resulting in a base material of very high purity. The recovered product is a glycol that is very suitable for the production of antifreeze or coolant, for example. This process not only protects the environment, but also produces valuable raw materials.

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