Lycée Edward Steichen


in the 5PS2 at the Lycée Edward Steichen in Clervaux

Van Damme Xavier aka FORSAN
Forsan aka Xavier Van Damme is a rapper and entrepreneur living in Luxembourg, where he lives a parallel version of the life he would normally lead in Colombia, his home country. He started rapping at the end of the world in 2012. Accompanied by veterans such as Zobiboz, DB, Dorian, Cehashi, Taipan or Youssoupha, he has concocted 2 albums (Laisse-toi aller and Paradis), as well as multiple Singles and Mixtapes – some with video clips. Thanks to his 3 years of studies as a social worker in Louvain-La-Neuve, Forsan was able to benefit from a Belgian platform in addition to a presence in Luxembourg.

The project

Everyone knows the situation: we wake up and are immediately caught up in the stress of the day. In such a daily routine, there is often no time to think about waste separation and resource conservation. This text should make us aware of the consequences of such ignorant actions.

Den Dag fänkt un
Ech kussen den Stress
Kicken den Trash
Schäiss op de Rescht
Verse 1
Daat Bescht fir sie a fir eis –
Dreck keng Profezei
Ween huet deen geheit?

SuperDrecksKëscht® hei um rullen,
Suffit d’un geste pour qu’on coule
Suffisamment vu sans loupe
Même notre Planète a des doutes

Duerno kenne mir an d’Paradäis tauchen
Ouni vill Ressourcen ze klauen an ze verbrauchen

Hell op der Welt, alles verbrennt
“Bip” ass erwächt, mee “Bip” huet verpennt

Stroossen sinn eidel
Luuchten sinn un
Leit sinn Doheem
Mee dass net genuch x2

Commencons à riposter  ey ey
Commencons à – leur montrer ey ey
Arrêtons pour recommencer x2

2e Couplet
Notre bateau coule
Faut le sauver
Le monde brûle –
On est les pompiers

Loosst eis vermeiden – all Dreck
Stress (e)wech // yo an den Eck
Let’s make our planet better
Later it will glitter forever

I want to see my planet glow
Let my friends and family grow
Take the trash and enemies too
Me and you make the planet better