Lycée Hubert Clément

The artist Andy Genen

at the Lycée Hubert Clément Esch/Alzette

Since his youngest days, Andy Genen (born in 1979) has always loved all kinds of comics. After he’s graduated from the Institut St-Luc in Brussels, where he actually studied “creating comics”, he started working as a freelance illustrator / comic book artist and has since illustrated numerous very varied projects. Among his most known comic work one can find “De leschte Ritter” which he created with Lucien Czuga as well as numerous collaborations with John Rech, with whom he was awarded the “Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis” twice : in 2012 for volume 1 of “Alex&Tun” and in 2015 for the third volume of “Dream Catcher”. Besides that, he has also put out some solo projects, like “De Roude Puma” or his latest series “Tow&Tank”.

The project

Using a futuristic comic book, students of a 4e imagine what our planet might look like if we continue to use our resources so ruthlessly. Pollution and overconsumption lead to this dystopia from which only the intelligence of another life form can save us.

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