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Wood and cork waste

Wood and cork waste

Info :

Coating of wood as paint and lacquer as well as wood preservers contain toxic substances, which may not get into the environment. The same applies to plywood and chipboard, which contain glue, bonding agents and resins. Wood dust and in particular dust from beech and oak wood can be cancerous. Use a performing aspiration and protective clothing when working with these wood types.


Use returnable palettes and ask specialist companies to repair damaged palettes, this saves money and raw material. Cork is a good isolation material, which may also be used as flooring material.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Untreated wood can be used as raw material in the production of chipboard. Treated wood has to undergo heat treatment in special installations. Cork waste is shredded and used for the production of insulation material and additives.

Safely Dispose of Used Railroad Ties

Used railroad ties are usually treated with creosote, a tar oil. This biocide is classified as a carcinogen. It is absorbed through the skin and contaminates groundwater. In addition to the impregnating agents, other problematic residues such as oil, rust or herbicides may be found in the wood.

The SuperDrecksKescht® fir Bierger collects the ties from the consumer free of charge upon request. Only wooden ties are collected. They must be disassembled and properly stacked for forklift removal. (For example, ties may be stacked on a palette or a square timber.)

Attention :

  • Wear appropriate gloves when handling ties. In case of old, brittle ties, we also recommend wearing a dust mask.
  • Never use railroad ties as firewood.

The wooden ties are processed from the SuperDrecksKëscht® via the partner Oekolux to the special company BHKW Flohr in Germany (Neuwied). There they are – after a pre-treatment – utilised in a thermal power plant for biomass. This process generates electricity and district heating.

Railway ties contain components that are hazardous to the environment and health ! We take care of it !

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