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Packaging of dangerous substances

Packaging of dangerous substances


Empty containers of dangerous substances generally still contain some remainders of their dangerous content, which may lead to dangerous reactions. In particular small quantities of inflammable substances may form highly dangerous gas-air mixtures, which can explode by a spark.


Use solvent sparingly and take whenever it’s possible low-solvent or water-soluble products. Insert solvent as possible in the circuit. Provide adequate ventilation of the workplace and filtering the extracted air.

Recycling/environment correct disposal:

Containers of chemicals, acids, brines, cleaners and photochemical products are recycled (material recovery).Containers of oils, greases, fuel, pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals are subjected to heat treatment.

IMPORTANT! Not in the household waste!

Resources potential : Packaging of dangerous substances (acid, alkali, photochemistry)

The body figure for substances very dangerous for health (e.g. cancerous)

The dead tree and fish for substances dangerous for water